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Save hundreds of hours, combat writer's block, and spark your creativity with the Mindverse text editor.
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Correct, analyze and export your texts together with our AI! Discover the full power of artificial intelligence in a text editor.

Make tasks that consume a lot of resources easier so that you can invest time and energy in changing the workload of your employees, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and developing your next big ideas.
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Give your team a creative boost with an AI partner who inspires new ideas, creates high-quality content, and automates tasks so you can spend more time doing what your customers love best.

Sei es für Werbeüberschriften, kurze Texte, Produkt-Highlights und vieles mehr.

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Superhuman creativity

Avoid creative blocks and do more by collaborating with AI to spark your imagination, mood board your ideas and see your ideas in-situ within seconds. Create or re-write copy for any purpose instantly or generate AI images of anything you can describe/draw - with the power to edit.

345 Automations

With Mindverse, you can brainstorm with our AI. Develop new original approaches to think about opportunities and products. You'll be surprised how artificial intelligence can change your perspective. Discover Mindverse brainstorming together.
Sie werden überrascht sein, wie eine künstliche Intelligenz Ihre Perspektive verändern kann. Entdecken Sie zusammen Mindverse Brainstorming.

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The widest range of text editing tools at your disposal

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Use our most popular Mindverse engines right in the text editor! All you have to do is highlight a passage with the mouse and then use an AI engine. You can rewrite a sentence, change the tone, find synonyms, create metaphors, insert new paragraphs, and more!
After you've defined your focus keyword, the AI delivers valuable search engine data directly to the editor at the push of a button: Discover related keywords and analyze your competitors. With this SEO data, you can move your website forward.
With the “Continue Writing” function, you can let the AI continue your current text in the editor at the push of a button. The AI reads what you've written so far and uses this information to continue writing your text. This allows you to have AI complete even difficult paragraphs.
The AI checks spelling + grammar and provides you with valuable information, such as a list of keywords that appear in the text. In addition, the AI mathematically calculates the readability index of the text with a brief explanation for which target group the text is most relevant.
Help your mind get going and let Mindverse generate interesting blog post ideas for a suitable keyword. Based on our dynamic text generation, these blog ideas are ideally tailored to your focus keyword.
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The widest range of text editing tools at your disposal