An AI partner who gives your team super powers.

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Developed and hosted in Germany
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Mindverse makes AI available to all employees.

Increasing productivity
Relieve your employees
Reduce operating costs
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Why use Mindverse AI in your organization?

The Mindverse suite brings teams together via tailored AI workflows, all on a single platform that is integrated with day-to-day business operations.

Make tasks that consume a lot of resources easier so that you can invest time and energy in changing the workload of your employees, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and developing your next big ideas.
AI text editor
AI image creator
image editor
Workflows and automations

Combine several practical machines in one process and save hours of resources together!
persönlichen KI-Experten zur Verfügung. Dieser ermöglicht die Nutzung einer maßgeschneiderten Umgebung ab dem ersten Tag.

Enterprise workflows offer so much more. Talk to one of our sales representatives about how AI can help your teams be more successful.

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Enterprise-grade security and peace of mind

We know that adopting AI in your organization is a long-term task. As a result, you need to be able to rely not only on how we store your data, but also on how and why the Mindverse model produces the results it delivers.

Fully GDPR compliant

Whether it's the GDPR or a similar local regulation, it's more important than ever that your teams pay attention to data protection.

Multi-level encryption

These techniques include both symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods, which ensure that your data is secure even while in transit.

Industry-leading security providers

We use the strictest security standards and protocols to further improve the protection of your data

Transparent AI models

The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is important to us
Customizable and collaborative

Integrating AI into everyday work should neither be overwhelming nor overpriced. We bring teams together on a platform that saves them time in the long term, makes work easier and makes optimal use of operating budgets.

Enterprise plans that go beyond the usual request limits of our standard plans and cover exactly the scope you need.
AI engines tailored to your needs. Use sample data as a reference point so that everything you create sounds just like you.
One platform and one subscription for multiple applications/users.
Document collaboration with multiple users/ user settings for editability.
Your own company login URL with company-specific Mindverse page. Customizable or white labeling at your request.
Google Chrome extension and GMail integration.
GDPR-compliant company GPT

Mindverse provides a custom ChatGPT-like environment specifically designed for large companies and their teams. This software is not just a chatbot; it is a powerful tool based on the latest Large Language Models (LLM) and completely independent of third parties and OpenAI

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We use the latest advancements in AI research to give you the most efficient and secure solution on the market. Our LLM models are trained without the involvement of third parties and OpenAI, which ensures unmatched performance and data control.

To ensure maximum relevance and accuracy, our software is trained with your specific company data. This ensures that AI is perfectly tailored to your organization's specific needs and terminology.

Protecting your company information is paramount to us. That is why we offer a solution that is developed specifically for your company, adapted to your specific requirements and hosted in Germany. This not only ensures maximum security, but also ensures compliance with GDPR guidelines.

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