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Always find the right text for your needs and goals.

All you have to do is enter your goals and you will then receive a detailed analysis of the texts. Use this tool as a pre-test and improve the performance of your texts.

Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
The topics and emotions of your text

You can choose the topics and emotions from our predefined list or add an unlimited number yourself. This allows you to define which emotions and topics you want your text to address with the reader.

After you have added your texts and selected the topics and emotions, the analysis shows you which of them are included in the text and therefore also how suitable the text is for your needs.
Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
Readability and sentiment

Since our AI was trained with German texts, it analyses the sentiment and readability of the various texts by paying attention to specific stylistic devices as well as phrases and proverbs.
You can add and compare up to 6 different texts at the same time.

Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
Detailed analysis and the AI score

Finally, you will receive a detailed analysis of the texts based on your desired goals and a “KI score”. The AI score is made up of all the previous parameters to give you precise insight and help you find the right text.

In addition, the KI Score enables a direct quantifiable comparison of the texts, as you can compare the values with each other and thus make the right choice for yourself.
Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
Productivity booster

The benefits of the AI whiteboard are manifold. Not only does it give you more time for the essentials by speeding up the creation of mind maps, but it also gives you the freedom to customize them to suit your individual needs.

Whether you want to visually present your thoughts, plan projects or develop strategies, the AI whiteboard is your reliable companion. You can also export and share your created mind maps with just a few clicks, making it easier to collaborate with others.
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