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Discover what the AI is thinking now. Pick up new ideas together with Mindverse. The brainstorming method is aimed at promoting ideas and concepts in an organized and structured way - now also automated thanks to Mindverse
Erhalten Sie einen kreativen und strategisch-orientierten Berater.

AI Brainstorm

With the Mindverse Brainstorming feature, you can use our AI to generate an almost endless flow chart of ideas, questions, concepts, and associations on any topic.
können Sie zu jedem beliebigen
Thema komplexe und tiefgründige Flussdiagramme an Ideen, Fragen, Konzepten und Assoziationen
generieren lassen.

Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
Brainstorming is a popular technique for developing ideas.

It was developed back in the 1930s and is used by groups to promote ideas together and in a structured way.

Through the flow chart, in which the developed concepts and questions are collected, outsiders can simply follow the thought process. Thanks to the brainstorming method, it is also possible to continue working on a thought process even after a time break.
You can copy the results of the Mindverse Brainstorm by clicking on the individual nodes.

If artificial intelligence provides you with an interesting aspect, you can continue working with it on the page, e.g. you can turn an interesting idea directly into a blog post with our blog post assistant and publish it.

The brainstorming feature is definitely an important addition to our Mindverse pipeline, which allows you to optimize your workflow — from brainstorming to the finished text.
Mindverse AI Marketing Solutions
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